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Brett Ashley’s Character Essay

Essay On Brett Ashley’s Character

In Ernest Hemingway’s novel, “The Sun Also Rises”, Lady Brett Ashley, a fictional and one of the principal characters can be viewed to be responsible for all the troubles in the novel. Basically, Ashley Brett has been depicted as a typical example of the lost generation of women and men whose lives lacks focus and spend time wandering from one party to another. Ashley’s character says it all as she is unable to consummate her love for Jake Barnes because of his world war injury, and has other affairs with other men, including Robert Cohn and Pedro Romero (Boon, 59).

Ashley is incapable of showing affection to the ones that she really loves. Consequently, Fulton describes her as seemingly heartless and disillusioned. She paints her as someone who uses sex as a drug to forget the as she forges towards the future. Hemingway’s characterization tends to revolve around the same idea and because of her heartless nature Ashley engages in affairs with different men leading to conflicts and fights(Boon, 59).

Before WWI women were committed, loving,submissive and patient towards men, but after the war women took a stronger stand. It is through their desire to be independent and speak with their own voice that has made them seem disheartened, depressed and detached from the mainstream society. In this way they break the rules and feel free inflicting loving men with pain and jealousy that leads to fights and lack of true love.

Brett is a selfish and a needy person who uses men to achieve what she wants and needs. Her demands seem to be much more than a single man can provide. This is what has prompted her to have relationships with six men, including Jake Barnesm Robert Cohn, Mike Campbell, CountMippipopolous amongst others. Thus, she used the men to fill the missing parts of each complete relationship. In that regard, she doesn’t care about who she hurts as long as she get what she wants. This makes her to be troublesome and cause trouble.

On the other hand, one can argue that Ashley Bett is a very maligned character in the novel. She is disregarded using negative descriptions including “bitch” while it may be the challenges in her life that have led to this end. First, she loses her true love who dies of dysentery, then Jake is impotent leaving her unsatisfied and hence looking for alternatives. In this way she causes trouble unknowingly, but her actions are justified.

In conclusion, Ashley Brett`s contribution to the troubles in the novel is supported by her character. While one might say that she is unfairly potrayed, the evidence lays right in her personality traits that causes pain and jealousy amongst men leading to conflicts.


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